About House

It’s one (1) bungalow unit but physically divided into three (3) parts as one (1) Partial House and attached with two (2) single Duplex Rooms

House Info

It’s built with Partial House at the back side of the building and two single Duplex Rooms attached at the front side. Between them, the pathway provided to separate each others at the ground level while the locked corridor available at the above level. The outdoor area also separated between Partial House and Duplex Rooms by locked gate. It can be accessed separately but it can be linked both outdoor and indoor upon request

House Criteria

  • Landed bungalow’s lot size [5000 sqft or 466 sqm]

  • House build up size [2880 sqft or 268 sqm]

  • Inside car park size [6 cars]

  • Outdoor area size¬†[1700 sqft or 158 sqm]